Listen/purchase: Fathers of The Interesting Gemini by MiRROR PARTIES

Have a listen to my bands new album , Released today.

Jeff allowed me to photograph him in an uncensored way: while he was playing, being interviewed, at dinner, at rest - everything. He wanted people to see his authentic self as opposed to a rock icon. I photographed him when he was angry, tired, pissed off - most of the time people don’t allow you to see those aspects of themselves, especially when they are in the process of being mythologised. I think he liked how I saw him through the camera - which hopefully was with empathy. He was very beautiful, but I think Jeff’s beauty wasn’t about his body, but his ephemeral brilliance. He was very inspiring, as an artist you wanted to be as good as he was. — Merri Cyr

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A song from a gig I played on Thursday night. The band is called MiRROR PARTiES.

LAMB (1985)

"You must continue to pray even though you don’t believe"


Nice breezy vibe for a lazy sunday.


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The climax of The Beaver Kid, the first film in The Beaver Trilogy. Had to upload it to youtube myself. You’re welcome, internet.

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Last Night (1998)

"If you are going to be going….Might as well be coming."